Google’s Android M build to be named Macadamia Nut Cookie? – MNC spotted on AOSP

It appears that Google’s next Android version will be called Macadamia Nut Cookie! The official unveil could be made sometime this week at Google I/O (if Google will be more caring towards its fans) but it will likely still be named Android M for a while after. The internal name mentioned above was spotted in various places around the web, including the AOSP forums.


Googlers seem to be using it and there are mentions of it all over AOSP. We’re pretty sure it’s real, even though there is a slight chance that things can be changed. The codename is just a fun option either way as it can be changed at the official release.


There have been rumors related to Macadamia Nut Cookie (MNC) and it recently started appearing in AOSP as “mcn-dev”. Google previously used LMP for Lemon Meringue Pie and KLP for Key Lime Pie to denominate its operating systems in progress, but they never got to keep their name upon official launch. It is highly possible that the same will happen to LMC after launch.

Source: AndroidPolice

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