Google YouTube Music Key announced – offline viewing, full albums and more with a monthly subscription

Google YouTube Music Key is happening and it does not look half bad! The bad side is it will not be free. The feature will cost $7.99 a month at first but, in time, it appears the sub price will increase to $9.99.


It includes full albums and soundtracks, offline viewing and it seems to be free of ads. It appears that the subscription offers unlimited access to Google Plat Music All Access. Current All Access subscribers will be getting the Music Key as well, so if you’re already subscribed to it, you’ll get them both.



At the moment, anyone can sign up for Music Key, as it is still in limited beta. You can sign your name on the list by following the link HERE. Sometime in the next few days, we are sure we will see the Music Key roll out on the Google Play Store.

Source: YouTube Blog

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