Google working on Project Wing for two years – a new drone to carry your orders to the door


Google has been working on Project Wing for two years now, but we recently found out about it. Why? Because the project itself initially was an initiative in delivering defibrillators to people who experience heart attacks. Now, Google changed its mind and it will eventually deliver you anything from dog food to cosmetics or cars!

30 tests have been conducted recently in Australia, where commercial drone operation laws are much more relaxed than US ones. The design of the drone is in fact a hybrid helicopter delta wing that is called a tail-sitter. It takes off vertically from the ground before maneuvering itself horizontally in order to attain its maximum velocity.

The drone doesn’t land, but uses different orifices in order to relieve itself from the cargo and receive the payment. The drone never reaches the ground again though, as it is made to hover vertically until the delivery (and payment) was made after which it returns to base.

Considering it is a prototype, Project Wing’s drone can only carry very small objects. It seems that the drone is still many years away from completion and consumer viability and its craft design is not yet completed. Project Wing remains a prototype in its conceptual phase as of yet, but we are eager to find out more about it in the near future. 

Source: AndroidPolice

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