Google releases source code for its I/O 2015 web app on Github

Google open sourced its I/O 2015 web app and this time you actually get some interesting functionality out of it. Each year after the conference the app is open-sourced in order to show its design suggestions and functionality on Android, but this year things will be different as the source of the app will be released for examination. Ioweb2015 is already available on Github if you want to grab it.





This intricately-designed app is mobile-first and offline enabled and some of its more important features are the polymer material design, the web components, the push notifications, the service worker, add to homescreen, google sign-in 2.0 and the web animation APIs.


Developers can relish in the knowledge of this app’s source code and you can do so too if you wish by accessing the source link below.


Source: Github via AndroidPolice

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