Google Glass for enterprise passes FCC regulations – could it start selling again soon?

Google Glass is not history yet as it seems that the company still wants to shove the tech up someone’s throat. A Glass model just passed FCC and it seems that the US will have another eye-computer to buy in the near future. At least the enterprise part of the US!


Google Glass FCC



In order to sell a Google Glass in the US – with WiFi and Bluetooth radio – one would indeed need FCC permissions. Regulations have to be passed in order for the device to sell, which makes counting and measuring important too. Rumors regarding this upcoming Glass Enterprise talk about 5GHz WiFi capacity, better battery life and more improvements. But there are no official news from Google yet. An FCC approved device means that one available to the targeted public is not that far from completion though.


But the news regarding a new Google Glass were not received with as much enthusiasm as previous related bits of information. It seems that the Glass hype has simmered down by now – considering it was announced in 2012, when it broke the I/O convention. Could this movement to a business and enterprise niche be the place that Google Glass will sell best? We will have to wait and see!


Source: Droid Life


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