Google Glass Explorer Program closed for the public and moved to production development

The Google Glass Explorer Program is officially shut down by Google and the prototype has been withdrawn from the market. Does that mean the end to the possible future of technology? Apparently not, as Google say they moved the project from prototype form to the experimentation lab or production development.


Google glass Nest


The augmented reality product is moving on, even if consumers will not have access to it anymore. Bringing the product back into the world does not mean it will be available for the consumer public but it mostly means the Glass at Work program will be the only project developing further.

The project is now in the hands of the Google team in charge with the NEST device, which could mean a future combination of the two devices’ features, why not! Google can use the virtual world to its own advantage by keeping the title of most innovative gadget of the century as well.

Considering that the camera from Google Glass was one of the most popular complaints, maybe the changes Google will be making to the device will make it better. Maybe the product should not be glasses at all, but an ear piece or something new altogether. Augmented reality should be the most important aspect of such a device after all.

Source: Forbes

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