Google Fiber app got a recent update with some nifty new features that improve every user’s experience. People who got the Google Fiber access are few and envied and they get updates to the service they can use on a daily basis. Fiber is not only a medium for fast Internet access but also for TV service with support from Google.

The latest update to Google Fiber IPTV brings about custom guides, TV controls and filters for the lockscreen, the Notification Drawer and for the Android Wear device, of course.

You get controls on the lockscreen and Android Wear and you can get the same utilities on your notification drawer similar to Chromecast. Users can also create sections with their favorite channels in order to avoid useless and time-consuming flipping through tons of listings they don’t care about. The said filters allow users to mark their favorite sports channels, movies or even streaming content, and they can all be seen at once.

Other updates are a few UI improvements and the bug fixes. You can find Google Fiber app on the Google Playstore for free!


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