Google Camera Update 2.3 gives remote shutter on Wear devices

Google Camera Update 2.3 gives users an important feature in the shape of a remote shutter functionality that connects to Android Wear devices. Now all that users have to do is open the camera app on their tablet or phone and the Wear device will automatically insert a card necessary for remote capture. By clicking the card, users will get a shutter release button on the smartwatch that will count down three seconds before capturing and it will show the results as well.

This feature will only work with the Google Camera app because it contains mini APK destined for this purpose. This update also brings a new panorama capture interface with a new look and bolder circles to align. Another improvement is the in-app help interface that continues Google’s attempt at offering continuous assistance to its users. The update rolls out in stages so you may have to wait for a few days before getting yours. You can also manually update your Camera app HERE!

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