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Google announces its first Android One smartphone – low-end device aiming for the Asian market

Google announced its first Android One-using smartphone today. The standard platform was designed to help the medium and low-end market develop better and faster for the sake of profit, of course. The project takes off in India, where Karbonn, Spice and Micromax are reigning champions selling smartphones with 1.3 GHz Media Tek processors with 1 GB of RAM, dual SIM slots and microSD storage, 4.5” screens and two cameras (5MP and 2 MP sensors).

The new android devices will launch with multiple-language support, including Hindi, and they will feature multiple local publications on the Newsstand app. A special version of YouTube will allow users to download and re-watch videos without using too much data traffic.

The first Android One phones will reportedly cost 6399 rupees or $105.

These mobile devices will run on a stock Android OS without many manufacturer customizations which will allow for Google to push software updates by itself. This will solve past issues where low-cost phones with early Android versions remained stuck without any updates which would have given access to new apps and features.

Carrier Airtel Indian customers will be allowed to download software updates, including the Android L, for the first six months of ownership. Airtel and Google are also offering a 200MB of data a month, apart from the regular app download limit on the Google Playstore.


After it launches in India, the Android One program will reach Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka before 2014 is over.

Google reports that Qualcomm, Lenovo, Panasonic, Acer, Asus and HTC will be joining the program.

India is the world’s second largest mobile market in the world. Considering it hasn’t received a strong smartphone presence in the past, Google and Microsoft can find a great opportunity for expanding their low-end device sales. Nokia Lumia smartphones are already moderately successful on the Hindi market where cheap Windows Phones are being produced, and Google may have found a new audience for its largest mobile ecosystem ever. 

Source: Google

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