Fallout Shelter is a new game from Bethesda Game Studios, but this one is meant to work very well on mobile devices. The game reached the Android platform a few days ago and it turned into an instant hit.

Why is it so popular already? First of all, because it’s free, and second of all because it is just as good as its PC counterparts! For fans at least.



In Fallout Shelter you have to build and manage an entire Vault. You become an overseer responsible for the well-being of his or her Vault dwellers. You have to keep your citizens happy, fed, entertained and breeding. You can rescue dwellers from the Wasteland and you can assign them different attributes and jobs by using seven different statistics from the SPECIAL stars: Luck, Agility, Intelligence, Charisma, Endurance, Perception and Strength. Your dwellers can increase in level and get better weapons and items, they can change clothes and go on indefinite coffee breaks if you don’t assign them to a mission.


You can increase your dweller’s numbers by taking in wastelanders or you can make your existent dwellers breed. You have to balance food, power and water resources to keep things running and you will soon have to increase your vault room numbers to keep everyone happy and working.




In Fallout Shelter you don’t have to buy anything with real money if you don’t want to. You can take risks to accelerate things, but they will have a cost – the cost of fatal failure. When you get a fire, a roach infestation or an attack from outside mutants, you have to assign your dwellers to fight and protect everything. Sometimes you will get lunchboxes, which reward you with items and resources. You can also buy lunchboxes with real money, but they will not be annoying in popping up every time your pinch your screen or whatever.


You can find Fallout Shelter on the Google Play Store and you can give it a shot for free. If you are a Fallout fan, you will definitely like this game and you may even get addicted to it.

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