Ember’s Journey is a new platformer game you will find in the Google PlayStore, but it is not just another mobile game. This one has a special premise that may change your perspective on life. In most games you can see where you are going, but in this game you will not be able to do that. It may seem like a problem to you but it is actually a part of the game that you will get used to.



In Ember’s Journey you have to navigate through the darkness with your light box avatar. You will find many ways to solve puzzles and many ways to die in the process, as the only light that will guide you will be the one emanated by the avatar.


If you could see an entire level of the game at once, it would turn out to be a basic platformer. This way however, you have to pay attention to details as you glimpse them. Will you jump on a ledge or fall to a bottomless pit in the process? Pay attention!




Your goal through each level is to reach the light exit marker, your secondary light source of every level. You have 76 levels to explore and each has its own labyrinth and tricky puzzles.


Ember’s Journey is not free, but once you pay for it you will never have to pay for anything else as you get no in-app purchase pop-ups. Take a look at it below:

Developer: EncovApps
Price: $0.99

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