Doggins – a new 2D adventure point and click game on Android


Doggins is a new special game you can try if you love animals a lot but can’t have them in your house. Of course, all dogs are adventurers, some are even time and space travelers that move along and solve different enigmas just to make you feel better. The lovely dog-hero you will be able to control in this game solves questions much easier as it cuts down one dimension in order to spring a 2D affliction that takes him back in time.

Doggins is available for $3.99 on Google Play Store and you will find it weird from start to bottom. If you like elevator music, a flattened background and environment and a strangely cute story of a moon-residing dog, this game will not be meant for you.



Basically, it’s a point and click game with elements of adventure and heroism. You will even have to attend an evil monocle squirrel’s party. You will even have to find the proper party attire, which will prove to be a chore!

The little unique and humorous game already received some nice awards and it’s been available on iOS for a while now. Now you can find it on Google Play Store at the remarkable price of $3.99 USD. 


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