[Deal of the day] Amazon free apps and games bundle available on the Appstore now!

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Apps, Free apps, get them while they’re hot! Amazon is at it again with a new bundle of expensive apps turned into free purchases for a few days. Head over to the Appstore until April 19th to get your free apps and games before you have to pay real money for them (like $105 for all of them). You’ll get some nice and interesting options to choose from or, if you just want them all, press ALL the buttons!




Available games:


Fun English Course

Adventure Time Game Wizard

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Puddling Monsters Hd

F18 Carrier Landing

Chess And Mate

Osmos Hd

Prince Of Persia Classic

Plants Vs Zombies

Table Top Racing.


Available Apps:

Runtastic PRO GPS

Wolfram Alpha

Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Mobile Doc Scanner


RDP Pro Client:Ardp

A Better Camera Unlocked


Splashtop Whiteboard

Citi Maps2go Pro

Flightradar24 Pro

Songster Guitar

Meteo Earth.

If any of the titles above is interesting to you hop over to Amazon straight from the source link below and choose your mobile poison. Remember though, this deal only lasts until April 19th. 

Source: Amazon Appstore

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