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CyanogenMod releases kernel source for One PlusOne as the device becomes somewhat available

CyanogenMod recently released its kernel source for One Plus One, the first premium Chinese smartphone device, at the time of its final and expected arrival. The device is hyped on the market as it is released and bought on invitation and mostly because it runs on a CyanogenMod version. Its kernel source code was launched and now talented ROM developers can build standard AOSP of CyanogenMod releases.

This is the best timing for such attempts, as phone invitations are finally being sent out. People who received an invitation can now buy a device for $299 for the 16 GB version or $349 for the 64 GB version. Considering it is a good-looking phone with a decent configuration and open source software, One Plus One has become one of the most desired devices on the market.

It can be purchased on invitation only, and an invitation can be won by commenting on OnePlus forum, entering contests and promotions regarding the device or engaging with the social media team responsible for the device. People who buy their phone can afterwards send invites to their friends as well. Although the limited production number has created frustration among customers, One Plus One remains one of the most desired devices of the period.

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