CyanogenMod nightlies for Verizon Galaxy S5 and GSM HTC One Mini 2


CyanogenMod is finally offering nightlies for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 and for GSM’s HTC OneMini 2. Even if Android itself is updating pretty fast, that does not stomp the desire to install custom ROMs. Cyanogen is the best established option on the market and often new devices are getting support for your baking needs!

Two new entries to the Cyanogen support list are Verizon’s Galaxy S5 and GSM’s HTC One Mini 2 version. The first is codenamed kltevzw whereas HTC is codenamed memul. The releases are nightlies which means you have to be careful when installing because you may not get the stability you desire, but chances are everything will be fine.

To make sure you get access to Google apps and services, head out to download  Gapps ZIP as well, after you install your ROM.

Source: CyanogenMod (S5), (OneMini 2)


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