CyanogenMod nightlies for the international Samsung Galaxy S4 Active device


CyanogenMod nightlies are now available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The ruggedized device is getting some love as it is not a weak or shallow handset whatsoever, therefore those who liked it but can’t stand the TouchWiz interface can go ahead and make the purchase in the hope of flashing it with the cyan experience. The international Galaxy S4 Active device is getting its own nightlies from CyanogenMod today and you can head out HERE to download the file and start tinkering.

The build was specifically created for the international model number i9295, but some AT&T users can find a workaround in unlocking their bootloader and making their Samsung Active device their own. They can try the SafeStrap Bypass system but beware; the flash can prove to be an extreme risk!


Active S4 Nightly


As usual, CyanogenMod nightlies can bring about some bugs and other problems you may want to steer away from, especially if you’re not too accustomed to Android flashing and ROMs – at least for a while, until a more stable version appears. The Gapps ZIP will also help you get access to Google Play Store and other Google services once you flash your ROM. Enjoy!

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