CyanogenMod 11S 44S build released for OnePlus One – touchscreen issue fixes and others


CyanogenMod released a new build for the OnePlus One and among the fixes you can find are touchscreen issues and the black bar glitch, among other things. The new CyanogenMod 11S build is expected to solve some serious bugs and glitches, including:

  • Updating touchscreen firmware
  • Resolving SSLv3 POODLE security issue
  • Issues with AT&T VoLTE
  • Issue with persist partition corruption
  • Issue with “black bar”
  • Issue with Filesystem
  • Issue with WiFi and modem crashes
  • Issues with memory causing screen artifacts
  • Issues with random reboots and instability.

The most important update is the touchscreen fix, as more than a few users had problems with their devices in the sense that OnePlus One missed touches, reading taps in the middle of the screen when they should have been swipes for example. Typing became really annoying for some users because of this too.

In case you want to check out the OTA for yourselves, you can check this direct link to the 44S .zip file you can download. The file is 90MB in size.

Source: OnePlus

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