Cyanogen Mod 11 ROM support for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is getting Cyanogen Mod 11 ROM support! Even if some may not like the Samsung tablets because of their faux leather or physical home buttons, they still get love for their awesome specs. One of the best features of the Tab Pro series is the screen resolution, no less than 2560x1600p, and if you love your tablet but would love it even more if it didn’t have Samsung’s skin, you’re in luck, as the devs at CyanogenMod now support the Pro 10.1 tab.

The nightlies are available for the 8.4 and 10.1 tablets, allowing AOSP software with updates to be tried by zealous tinkerers. The Galaxy Note Pro and the 12.2” Tab Pro are still waiting for their fixes and are not officially supported yet.

These ROMs are available only for the Wi Fi versions of the devices, which means the international LTE and carrier models are not supported yet.

The nightly build probably has a few kinks to sort out, which means you should start tinkering with care and you may just want to wait for the Tab Pro 10.1 to be added to the usual M snapshot builds. In case you really want to try this nightly, don’t forget the Gapps package.

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