Cortana app gets update with quick homescreen widget and better load time

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Cortana has been around for Android devices for about two months now and soon after its launch it received an update where the “Hey Cortana” hotword was removed in order to avoid conflicts with Google’s own “OK Google” trigger. The hotword is still available on CyanogenOS though.





The new update to version 1.4.0 brings about a homescreen widget that would make the app easier to use in a rush. You get a big ASK Cortana button that will launch a voice search immediately, a button for reminders and a list of upcoming events and reminders.


Cortana update 1.4.0 changelog:


  • new widget for quick launching Cortana and set reminders
  • reduced app load time
  • better loading experience for low speed and unstable network conditions
  • more stable voice interactions.


Cortana app is free but it is limited to the US and China at the moment. If you are in one of the two areas and you want to try the app, you can do so via the widget below:




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