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Samsung Gear S2 teaser officially released – expect official launch at IFA Berlin

Samsung Gear S2 is finally shown to us in all of its teaser splendor as Samsung releases the teaser video from the Unpacked event. The smartwatch will be officially unveiled at the IFA in Berlin in a couple of weeks, but now we can see for ourselves just what the teaser was all about.


Samsung Gear S2



The video of this Samsung Gear S2 device shows its most preeminent features such as the user interface. We can also see some shots of the watch faces, weather apps and maps and the stopwatch UI. Since it does not all look like stock Android Wear, we can safely assume that the device will have some form of custom Samsung software like Tizen. The device also hints at a built-in heart rate monitor.



The Gear S2 will have apps positioned in a ring of thumbnails and we will also have a rotating bezel. The UI itself seems to be built around the navigational ring. This could very well be one of the contenders for Apple’s smartwatch.


The video shows a Samsung Gear S2 with a possibly metallic body and a Super AMOLED panel. Under the chassis you should find something like a 1.2 GHz Samsung Exynos 3472 chipset with 768MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. The device should support Wi-Fi, call support and 3G.


The Gear S2 will be officially released on September 3rd, in Berlin. That’s about all we know about it so far, folks!


Source: Youtube

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Misfit Speedo Shine – a fitness band for swimmers

Misfit Speedo Shine is a new wearable that could change your life, especially if you’re an avid swimmer. This swim tracker is aimed at this niche market that has been suffering in the midst of a sea of smartwatches and “waterproof” wearables that you should not wear in the pool.


Misfit Speedo Shine



If you have been looking for a cheap AND waterproof tracker that works well and is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Phone devices, Misfit Speedo Shine could be the best option for you. It costs $80 and it is branded as a wearable for swimmers.


The fitness bracelet uses an accelerometer and some particular algorithms to count different things such as calories, laps, distance, and exercise time when you are in the pool. Although it lacks some smart home controls that other Misbit devices have, it’s worth the price, at least for some people. After you finish a workout, you can sync your data via Bluetooth to an Android, Windows Phone or iPhone device, and you will then get an increase in your total activity score. The data syncs with Speedo’s private swim tracking app if you want it to.


Apart from the swimming features, the Misfit Speedo Shine band can track sleep, running, cycling and walking. The silver color scheme has 12 LED lights that show users how close they are to their daily goals. The device resists to water submerges down to 50 meters. The device runs on a CR2032 coin cell battery that you will not have to recharge as apparently you can replace it every 6 months.


Other Misfit devices have additional features that the Speedo Shine does not have. This includes a lack of controlling music playback, snapping selfies, toggling between connected home products and scrolling through different presentations.


The new Misfit swimmer band will launch on September 1st in Apple retail stores, but you will also be able to find it online through Speedo and Misfit.


Even if this device is not the best out there, it is one of the few bands to actually count laps in a pool, and it costs $80, unlike the next best thing, the $100 Moov Now (which also offers coaching for various types of workouts). The choice is yours, pool lover!


Source: Macworld

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Android Wear watch from Intel and Fossil: get ready for some competition!

A new Android Wear watch is being made and it is the fruition of a combination between Intel and Fossil. The announcement was made at the Intel Developers Conference, where Intel usually presents its new chips, but also some other things.


Android Wear watch



This watch was teased for a while now, and the first official image seems to point at a cross-breed between the Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane. Fossil’s watch and Intel’s Tag Heuer device are the first smartwatches or Android Wear-friendly devices made by old-school watchmakers and not tech companies like LG, Samsung, Apple or ASUS. Fossil is said to possibly supply designs for well-known brands such as Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani.


This new Android wear watch is not the only project Fossil has going on as they will soon launch a connected bracelet and watch. It is safe to say that Intel does not want to reveal more information regarding the watch at the moment. It doesn’t have an official name or official specs yet and it is expected to launch sometime this holiday season.


That is all we know about the Android Wear watch from Intel and Fossil, but more details will be released soon. Stay tuned!


Source: Gizmodo

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The Braille smartwatch – public release by the end of the year?

A start-up tech company from South Korea is working on making the Braille smartwatch a reality. Dot wants to create attractive and useful technology for the visually impaired. But could this actually be a productive accessory? We shall see.


Braille smartwatch



Company officials say that this device could help visually impaired people hear their loved ones’ voices reading messages or they could even read them themselves via touch, making them all the more personal in the process.


Because of the steady release of Apple and Android products, the entire smartphone/smartwatch and accessory niche has grown exponentially on all markets. There are smart braille devices on the market right now, but they cost $3,000 and up. More than 285 million people in the world have severe visual impairments and over 39 million of them are declared legally blind. They could improve their lives with the help of appropriate technology if they would have more options to choose from.


Dot wants to create and sell its smartwatch for $300, which is 10 times less than what other smart devices for the niche market sell for.


How does the braille smartwatch work?


The device has a braille display on a usual smartwatch display and it has four depressed cells or dots that will refresh to show Braille characters. You can change the speed of the character refresh if you are a fast reader or you can make the letters pop slower if you need more time to understand.


Dot Braille



The watch uses haptic tech to provide information in real time via touch. It can connect to devices by using a Bluetooth connection and this way it converts usual texts into Braille letters. The battery is said to last around 10 hours.


The Braille smartwatch is being developed in South Korea and it has been tested on Braille screen already. It was proven to be a success and it is almost ready for public release. Dot is trying to bring the current tech to the blind and it proposed to make 10,000 Braille smartwatches by the end of the year.


Source: Iflscience

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New Google Glass project to be aimed at enterprises first

The next Google Glass project phase will be directed at enterprises and it should feature an attachable design which can be clipped on (or something similar) to other eye-wear. There have been lots of rumors circulating over these past few months and some recent news reports may shed some light on the mystery of the Google project.


Google Glass augmented reality



The new iteration of Google Glass will have a curved rectangular form, plus it will also sport a button-and-hinge system that will allow it to attach to different types of glasses, sunglasses and other possible types of eyewear.


It appears that Google is willing to make the project available for healthcare, manufacturing and energy companies. Moreover, it is already being distributed to software developers in order to facilitate the creation of viable applications.


A new consumer version is also in the works, but it will not be seen on the market until as recent as a year from now, sources say. The previous Glass version which was launched last year got a lot of backlash because it was launched to soon and was not ready for consumer use.


The new Google Glass enterprise version should have a faster Intel processor and better wireless connectivity. The device is said to be powered by an external battery pack which connects magnetically and it is supposed to offer a prolonged life time for the device. The accessory will also have a longer and thinner prism display which will be adjustable for more flexibility.


For now, we will only see or hear about Google Glass when it comes to corporate industries and businesses, which is a great starting idea for such technology. Who knows, in the future the world may be more comfortable with using such tech on a daily basis!


Source: PCWorld

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The new Razer gamepad is available on the Google playstore starting today!

The Razer Android gamepad is finally on the virtual shelves of Google play. The gamepad was announced in January at CES and now it was finally released for purchase by the public. If you are sick of swiping your mobile device screen whenever you need to play a game, now you will no longer have to get it dirty as the Bluetooth-connected Razer Serval pad can be purchased for only $80.


Razer gamepad




The Serval gamepad is part of the Razer Forge TV micro-console system which is comprised of four total gamepads that can be connected to the Forge hub either via Bluetooth 3.0 or through a USB cable. This way, users can play Android games on bigger screens, not just their mobile device ones.


• Designed for the Razer Forge TV
• Wireless mode (Bluetooth 3.0)
• Wired mode (1.5 m Micro USB to USB)
• 4 Hyperesponse action buttons
• Adjustable game clip
• Player LED indicator
• Android navigation buttons (Back and home)
• 2 Analog stick rubber grip caps included


The Razer gamepad runs on two AA batteries and it can be used as a mobile gaming system when you place your mobile device onboard or it can use it as a second screen if you want it to. The gamepad is compatible with Android 4.2 and above devices, therefore if you have an older smartphone or an un-updated one (are you living under a rock? do you have an obscure smartphone or tablet?) this accessory will not help you much.

Source: Razer