New ZeroLemon battery cases available for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

Do you like fat, ugly and rugged battery cases? Neither do we, but hey, they increase the amount of time we spend with our devices before we must relinquish them to a charger! ZeroLemon is known for making such external battery cases and this time the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus are the ones that will be able to be adorned with such accessories.     Samsung’s flagship devices are thus getting 8500 mAh battery cases which would make the devices last three times longer than with their regular 3000 mAh batteries (in addition to their own run time). Some energy will be lost however, since external battery systems usually present some level of electrical inefficiency.   The cases include the usual cutouts and tabs for your essential smartphone functions and you also get a pass-through charging port that supports Qualcomm Quick Charging 2.0 only available for the phone battery. The cases also present a LED charge indicator and a power button. You can charge other devices from the external battery as well.   Both cases triple the thickness of the devices, bringing them to a measure of 21.1mm. But that is a concession you must make if you want your Samsung device to last “forever” in terms of battery life. The cases cost $59.99 each and you can purchase them from Amazon. Whether this is a price you are willing to pay for a tripling of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus battery life, it is up to […]

Big Android Wear update to roll out to all devices soon

Android Wear devices are getting a big update this month. Google will soon begin a big roll out with some major new features users may find interesting. One of the most important updates is the ability to take and make calls directly on the watch ( you would, of course, need a watch with a speaker to do this). Only two smartwatches have a speaker at the moment, namely Asus ZenWatch 2 (49mm) and the Huawei Watch.       The Android Wear update also brings better support for controlling your watch with gestures, even if some may need to be decoded to work, and the ability to dictate messages that you can then send from apps like WhatsApp and Hangouts.   Google mentioned that the update will start rolling out on existing Android smartwatches in the next couple of weeks. This important update that adds message dictation can make this type of wearable more important and useful than before while adding an innovative idea such as using a wearable device with additional gestures.   Google has not made any important changes since it launched the Android Wear platform, but the resulting wearables offer users more stylistic diversity when compared to the offerings of Samsung, Pebble or Apple, for example.   Source: Google via The Verge  

[CES highlights] Prizm will learn your music and stream it when you party with friends!

Don’t you just love it when technology is taking over your life, reading your mind and preferences and taking over whenever you need a hand? Prizm is one of these devices and it will read your musical preferences and state of mind (in a sense) in order to put the best music for the occasion whenever you are home (or wherever you plant one of these babies).       Prism is meant to turn your music listening experience into something completely new and different. It detects the number of people in the room, the ambiance, and it seeks out familiar signals in order to match the music to everyone’s liking. The device learns the music everyone likes and it plays it automatically whenever they – or you – enter a room.   You don’t have to bother too much with setting up the device either. All you have to do is place it somewhere where it can detect Wi-Fi signals. It has a heart touch-sensitive side where you can tap in order to teach it that you like a song and an X you can choose to show it that you don’t like that particular rhythm. The app also presents easily-accessible volume keys.   Steps to take to start Prizm:   plug it with a power cord and plug in speakers open the Prizm app or download the app and start it start playing music   The device will search for the music programs you usually use on your phone or tablet and it […]

SanDisk launches 200GB Connect drive which allows simultaneous streaming to up to three devices

SanDisk announced Connect, a USB 2.0 flash drive that lets Android users easily transfer their content between mediums. This flash drive has Wi-Fi connectivity features which let users connect it from an Android device to transfer content as they please.       At the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, SanDisk launched a high-storage model from the series, thus offering 200GB to users who really need storing and streaming space while they are on the go.   The streaming and media management aspect is assured by the Connect app available for iOS and Android. SanDisk’s drive has the ability to stream to three devices at the same time, and it allows for up to four hours of streaming in one charge. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.   The 200 GB SanDisk Connect drive is available for purchase on Amazon at the price of $119. Are you interested in purchasing such a device?   Source: Amazon  

[CES 2016] Withings Go – the fitness tracker that won’t kill your wallet

Withings Go is a new activity tracker that may just change your life in 2016. 2016 may be the year of smart watches and wearables, but we should never forget activity trackers and health-oriented devices. If you made any fitness goals for this year (and – be honest – you did) you may want to get some help from a fitness tracker. Why not start with this one?       Withings Go is the newest fitness tracker coming from the manufacturer and it is pretty affordable at $69, unlike other well-known brands out there that would require you to take more than $100-150 out of your pocket. What this wearable can do is track steps, distance, heart rate and other information related to sports, like swimming. It also tracks sleep and it notifies you on how many hours of sleep you had in a day.   Withings Go has an always-on E-Ink multiscreen display and it does not need to be charged frequently. It has a button cell battery that reportedly lasts for up to eight months. You also get to change the watch face if you want or you can customize displays according to your needs.         The fitness tracker is available in five different colors: blue, yellow, black, red and green. You can use it in multiple ways, depending on how you feel comfortable; it can be used as a wristband, as a key chain, or you can clip it on a belt or armband. If you want a […]

[CES 2016] Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch launches in March

Fitbit Blaze is the newest iteration in the best fitness tracker line on the market. It was launched a few days ago at CES Las Vegas and it appears to raise the bar even further when it comes to creating the perfect wearable. All the better because now, Apple, Pebble, Microsoft and Misfit or Jawbone have entered the market and are trying to take over everyone.       Fitbit has been working on fitness trackers and watch-like devices for years now, but the first real smartwatch fitness band that came out of there is Blaze. It looks more like an Apple Watch or an Asus Zenwatch than anything.   Don’t get overexcited yet, Fitbit Blaze will not be an Android Wear device; however, you do get tons of personal trainers and other sporty apps. For starters, FitStar personal trainer workout will not be missing (you get 8 minute warm-up sessions, 7 minute workouts and 10 minute ab sessions). You also get software aimed at hiking, tracking, biking, running, yoga and lifting weights.   Fitbit Blaze uses your phone’s GPS to track your moves and it has a built-in heart rate monitor. Its battery should last up to five days before needing another charge. The device also allows users to receive calls and it manages music.       Design-wise, Blaze is not the prettiest child in the courtyard, but not the ugliest one either. It has large bezels, almost as large as its screen ratio, and a logo underneath the display. You can swap […]