Botanicula – a new point and click original game from the creators of Machinarium


If you’re in the mood for a game, we have a fresh one out of the Amanita Design team, and that is Botanicula. The little game resembles Machinarium in art and gameplay, but it presents a new adventure where you control around five tree-dwelling friends who have to protect the last seed from their home-tree with their life as their own home is infested with parasites.



Botanicula is in essence a point and click adventure game with bonuses and puzzles you can unlock as you progress. You have over 150 unique locations to explore, each with its own special artwork. The music is good as well, resembling that of Machinarium.

For $4.99 you get a pretty decent and creative game you can try in your free time. And you won’t even be bothered by in-app purchases as you point and click!

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