GIFs are common knowledge right now, but that does not mean they are available on every social media platform out there. Enter Boomerang from Instagram, a companion app for the Instagram platform that should redefine the meaning of GIFs.



What are GIFs?


Google’s automatic stringing of similar looking photos into one small video-like file are exported as a GIF. For Apple they’re named Live Photos and now, for Instagram and Facebook, they will become Boomerangs.



Why is Boomerang better?


Boomerang from Instagram comes a few good months after Layout, another release aimed at giving users a way to change their photos the same way they alter them on Instagram itself. This new semi-video app lets users shoot ten photos with one single press of a button that are then transformed into a mini video that you can later post on Insta or Facebook. You can also export your video-like GIFs to other apps by using the share menu as well.


If you are intrigued, you can give the app a look below. Who knows, maybe in the near future we will replace those everyday selfies with everyday GIFs!

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

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