BLU, one of the smaller US retailers out there, is updating its devices to Android Lollipop these days. Two of the more important handsets to get the OTA are Studio X and Studio X Plus. The Miami-based retailer is sort-of famous for its low-spec and low-price devices made by overseas partners.


BLU Studio X



The recently released Studio X and Studio X Plus are the first to get the Lollipop update which is rolling out as we speak. The other eight devices getting their fair share of sweetness are as follows:

  • Studio G
  • Star 4.5
  • Studio 6.0
  • Life One 2015
  • Life One XL
  • Vivo Air
  • Life 8 XL
  • Studio Energy

The update itself is the regular Lollipop stock version with just a hint of tweaks here and there. It is not confirmed yet, but the safest bet is that the devices are getting Android 5.0.

Source: PR Newswire