Blackberry Classic shows its face! Relive the business touch of the tech-gods with revamped old school charm

Blackberry has returned! Today the company officially announced and unveiled the Blackberry Classic, a reborn best seller in the tech world. The reviewed device has much better specs than… well, the classic, and it gathers it all under a nice design destined for enterprise-oriented customers. The device is being launched with a sum of enterprise oriented apps too, and there are two enterprise bundles that help pros work faster and better on the go while keeping themselves secure via VPN.


The Blackberry Classic is up for pre-order for the hefty $449, but it does not pass over OnePlus One on a hardware level, keeping itself more in range with the Motorola Moto X. The new Classic has a touchscreen but the keyboard is not missing, of course, and it keeps feeling retro.




The device does share apps and services accustomed to 2014 needs and you can always feel safe and secure when you communicate with iOS and Android devices. You can log-in remotely with VPN Authentication or message and video chat with BBM and BBM Meetings. They are included in the Enterprise Communication bundle, a package that will cost you $12 per month and you will be able to use it on all possible platforms. You will also spot apps like Bloomberg LP and Cisco AnyConnect.


Source: Slashgear

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