Bitmoji – have fun with your avatar for free from your mobile device!


A new funny app on the Google Playstore, Bitmoji is the newest addition to the panoply of amusing little moving avatars. In case you’re flooded with single-panel comic strips of people you may know or of their caricatures, then you’ve been Bitstriped.

Basically, you create an avatar and throw it into a funny situation and after that you let your friends know about it from your mobile device (you may have seen these for a while on Facebook and what-not). The app takes your avatar and then uses it to create great numbers of emojis that you can paste on other apps and charts to create fun images.

In case you don’t already have an avatar, the app will make you create a character. After that, you simply choose a situation and its image and you select the app you want to paste the image into.

Bitmoji is a free app without in-app purchases so if you want to amuse your friends and put yourself in funny situations, go ahead and give it a try! Won’t cost ya anything!


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