Baldur’s Gate sequel – Icewind Dale – to become available for Android devices, PCs, iOS and Macs soon


Baldur’s Gate stories and games seem to remain as popular as ever and now, after 14 years, Icewind Dale, the sequel campaign, is getting a re-release itself. The second game in the Dungeons and Dragons series of games is coming to Android tablets, phones and hybrids, and to iOS, Macs and PCs, as announced at PAX this past weekend.

Even if the first game of the series, Baldur’s Gate, has been a popular release, its enhanced edition for Android has only around 50.000 downloads – maybe because the iOS version has been around for much longer and many Android phone and tablet users have an Apple device as well. Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced edition has been available for iOS devices since February, but its Android version has not reached the Google Playstore as of yet.

Icewind Dale was originally launched in 2000 and it introduced new stories, a new setting and new real-time battle systems to the already popular Baldur’s Gate. In this game, the user can build up a team of six adventurers to play a campaign and get rid of evil legions which invade the region. The Enhanced edition features a cross-platform multiplayer mode, new classes, spells, armors and weapons.

Beamdog worked closely with Wizards of the Coast to perfect the experience which is now available for pre-order for OC for only $19.99. You can find more information regarding the game (and pre-order the game) at

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