AT&T updates some Galaxy Notes, S4 and LG G3


AT&T is updating some of its devices, including LG G3 and Galaxy Note S4. Some of the phone updated this week present the same update in essence while others are getting their own deal of sorts.


The complete list of AT&T devices which get an update is as follows:

  1. Galaxy Note II,
  2. Galaxy S III
  3. Galaxy Mega
  4. Galaxy S4
  5. Galaxy Tab S 8.4
  6. Galaxy Tab S10.5
  7. LG G3.

The first three are getting vague changelogs noting “Android OS enhancements”, whereas the rest have a few more details available to the willing.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has a changelog of 392-488MB with:

  • Android 4.4.4 update with bug fixes miscellaneous improvements and security updates
  • E911 call issue fix
  • Applications: Device Help, Remote Support, Uber, Live, Mail, Keeper
  • Added Knox 2.0.


Among LG G3’s 163MB update notes you will find:

  • Skyfire toolbar removal
  • Mobile TV 6.0
  • Stability improvements
  • Google security updates
  • GMS updates
  • No power on fix via Qualcomm.


Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is getting an update too, and we note the carrier billing enhancements and the update to Keeper, ATT Mail and YPMobile.


The Tab S 10.5 version gets a 59MB update with carrier billing enhancements, Milk Music app added and updates for ATT  Mail, YPM Mobile and Keeper.



Galaxy Note II, LG G3, Galaxy S4

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