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AT&T boosts 2GB and 4GB data plans to 3GB and 6GB at no additional cost

AT&T is boosting some of its data plans with some good will, considering it is one of the first US carriers to implement limited data plans. The carrier is announcing a cap boost in two of its mobile plans as follows:

In case you are on the 4GB ($70) data tier or on the 2 GB ($40) one, you will be getting an upgrade to 6 GB and 3GB respectively with no additional costs. The Mobile Share Value plans will necessitate line access fees on top of data though. There appear to be no other financial strings attached, which means you’re just getting more data and that’s it.

Apart from this boost, AT&T is extending its double data promotion for the biggest plans of 15-50GB. Each of the bigger plans gets double the data if you sign up to them before November 15th.

Source: AT&T

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