AT &T’s HTC One M8 gets update to Android 4.4.3

HTC One M8 from AT&T is getting an OTA update to Android 4.4.3. The change is not so great considering M8 was launched with KitKat, but the optimizations and security fixes are worth the download.

The firmware is number 2.23.502.3 and it weighs around 660 MB. AT&T is not the first (T Mobile already updated its HTC M8 last week), but not the last to update the M8 either, as Verizon will update its device version mid-September. You can start pushing that Update button now, but beware if you have a rooted phone. Most security fixes will plug up exploits that allow root access, so you may want to wait a bit before updating. Or you can reinstall the stock OS before updating.

Source: AndroidPolice

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