Ascend P8 rumored in China: read about the new Huawei device here

There’s a new rumor in town, and it could mean a new Ascend product is on its way to store shelves soon. Ascend P8 could come out of the closet really soon and it is the younger brother Ascend P7 always wanted.

Reports from China show some details regarding the new device, but not all is known yet. The P8 device is similar to its predecessor but it has a “porcelain texture” on the back cover that seems rather weird (at least until we see the real thing).

Ascend P8 is said to have a 5.2” screen with a 1080p resolution, which is a nice little upgrade from the previous 720p resolution.

The device will have the same build as Ascend P7, with a 16nm HiSilicon Krin 930 SoC. There are no benchmarks for the new device yet, but it is rumored to be an octa-core device.

A launch date is unknown at this time, and Huawei may just want to bring it to the US as well as the rest of the world.

Source: SlashGear

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