Apple releases Move to iOS and Android fans respond accordingly


Apple is back in the news again and this time it’s all about their first ever app. The company is known for being at least reticent when it comes to sharing with or supporting other platforms. It took them years and years to finally pair with Windows for the iTunes program, and some of the professional tools have never been seen anywhere except for the Apple hardware. Now everything will change as Apple is attempting to fish out some Android users as its own.


Apple move to ios



The first app coming from this American company is named Move to iOS and it has now reached the Play Store. What the app does is show you an opportunity you may not want to take advantage of. You can transfer contacts, SMS history and bookmarks, account information and photos to Apple’s hardware, an iPhone or an iPad. The app will not transfer other apps and in order for it to work you will need an Android device and an Apple device to be connected to a secure Wi Fi network.


Movte to ios


Thing is, Move to iOS quickly became a joke for Android fanboys who rallied up and mock-reviewed the app, giving it many many many 1 star reviews. Suits Apple for trying to steal the competition so blatantly, if you ask me!


The app is free on the Play Store and you can use it, try it or just make fun of it if you feel like it.

Move to iOS
Move to iOS
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free
  • Move to iOS Screenshot
  • Move to iOS Screenshot
  • Move to iOS Screenshot

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