Apple Pay gives up on PayPal because of Samsung

PayPal seems to be out of Apple Pay starting today as Apple is trying to rattle things up by itself in the mobile payment world. Many people wondered why Apple’s new mobile payment service isn’t just partnering with another similar service or buying one altogether and, recently, the talk of the town implied that Apple is reaching a partnership with PayPal. It seems that the deal didn’t go through because of Samsung!

It appears that PayPal is working on a smartwatch payment method with Samsung and that would mean PayPal would be the only payment method for all Samsung wearables and mobile payments.

The deal break seems to look more and more like a telenovela as the story goes somewhat like this: Apple was working on getting banks and financial institutions on board with Apple Pay and reached to PayPal as well. During those discussions, PayPal moved on with its own plans with Samsung  – plans said to be at the behest of eBay CEO John Donahoe. Apple was not too pleased with the deal and broke off all relationships with PayPal.

As usual, the Apple-Samsung war manages to draw some attention on the unpleasant deals both companies are trying to close. The reality is that it is still unclear whether Apple would have actually used PayPal for processing payments as they already have their own payment system, so PayPal may have just been used for its brand from the beginning.

Source: Slashgear, Joe Ross/Flickr


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