[App of the day!] Periscope – Twitter’s live streaming app – is finally live for Android users


Almost two weeks have passed since Meerkat got out of beta stage and fully released to Android devices all over the world and its fiercest (and more popular) competition Periscope finally managed to get an Android version as well. It’s been months since everyone on Twitter who also owned an iPhone could use this app, but now equality was reestablished in the social media world. Twitter’s live video streams made via phone can be viewed and made with Android devices as well.




You can download it on your phone and tablet, depending on your Android toy of choice. This app will plug into your Twitter account even if it has its own client and when you start a stream it activates the default public mode which means everyone on periscope will be able to see you or what you are filming. You can also link your stream to Twitter or send private links to certain people.


Periscope itself is based on live streams and your videos can be replayed for 24 hours after they were broadcasted. After 24 hours they are automatically deleted, but you can delete them yourself beforehand if you want.


[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.periscope.android”]


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