Anomaly Defenders – the final series game returns to the tower defense genre


Anomaly Defenders is now live on the Google Play Store and the little game manages to finish the entire series by returning to its gameplay roots. The game is a tower defense adventure again which draws users’ attention with its sparkling graphics and casual gameplay. This installment goes back to the roots and takes a turn to the traditional ways of the TD genre where the user is controlling the towers and he fights humans.

This game represents the conclusion of an interesting adventure and the humans are close to conquering the atrocious aliens all over the Universe. Your character is finally recruited by the aliens in a desperate attempt of preserving the alien race. The human must now defend the space pods until they manage to take off and forever relinquish this side of the galaxy.  The mission makes you controller of the defensive towers you have been trying to destroy in most of the previous games.

Anomaly Defenders is not just a tower defense game, as it includes tech trees, resource management and strategic planning in keeping those pesky humans at bay. The game is not free though as it costs $3.99 to purchase. Below you can give it a look on Google Play Store.

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