Angry Birds Transformers – yet another angry flying (transformer) birdy game!


Angry Birds Transformers – the world of Android gaming is wide and diversified, and the panoply of Angry Birds games is no exception, as it has some spin-offs and attempts of its own of controlling the mobile gaming world. This time, the birds have done the unthinkable and stepped up their game in the fight with piggies by transforming into Autobots! But wait, the pigs are armored like Decepticons too, oh my!




Each level allows you to choose a transformer that will run through the level as you tap on objects in the background for your avatar to blast. Your ultimate goal is to destroy all the pigs when knocking over the towers, but you will have a limited time to destroy the supports with lasers as you run towards and past them. Your transformer can speed up in order to avoid being hit or smashed by something.




The game itself is free to play, but you will be periodically attacked by pop-up ads. Of course, you can spend money to help you win the game, ranging from $4.99 to $99.90. You can earn extra crystals to help you upgrade faster. In case you’re not tired of Angry Birds yet, give Transformers a try below.


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