Angry Birds Stella in the Google Play Store – the pink bird, the evil pig and the in-app purchases


Angry Birds Stella is the newest game addition to the Google Play Store, and it shows promise in taking over your world. The little angry ( and money-hungry) birds are back, and this time they’re lead by the fancy Stella, the pink bird you only saw as a stand-in for Princess Leia in the Star Wars versions of the game.

The game has a bit of a story but don’t start thinking about any lore now, you won’t get THAT much story going on. The gameplay is the usual: you fling birds around, kill pigs and earn them stars to move on to the next level in the process. You can even unlock certain costumes for each character as you progress.

The in-app purchases are not missing either, because after the first few levels you will start to be bothered by those pesky ads too. There’s no way to get past those and the annoying videos that pop up and force you to watch them. You can also purchase in-game coins in bunches starting from 150 for $1.99 or you can splurge and get the maximum 7500 coins for $54.99. You can earn coins the hard way, in the game, but the progression is pretty slow. What do you need the coins for anyway? For power-ups to win a level, of course!

Angry Birds Stella is free in the Google Play Store and you can check it out in the widget below.

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