Android Wear app updated on Lollipop devices only


Android Wear app is getting its update today, and it will only work on Lollipop. The design of the update is similar to that of most Android Lollipop apps, is not as material as others and it will only be implemented on Lollipop devices.

The differences you will see are rearranged options and different settings, but if you pair your Wear smartwatch with a KitKat smartphone, you won’t be seeing any changes at all.

You can download the update via apk signed by Google, which means the update is legit and has not been tempered with whatsoever. The automatic update can take a few days so if you don’t want to wait, check out the link HERE.


Version: (401580939) (Android 4.3+)

MD5: 1f23f0dc0458a8a1e58223eaed03f523


[googleplay url=””]


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