Android Marshmallow Preview 3 allows granular battery consumption per apps


Android Marshmallow Preview 3 allows users to see just how much energy each active app consumes on a given time. Even if Android’s battery stats and features have always been one step ahead on, let’s say, iOS, there’s always room for improvement. If you wanted even more detailed and granular statistics for your phone when it comes to power consumption, Marshmallow show much promise as its preview 3 allows users to see individual app usage or battery capacity in mAh.




This new feature uses miliamp-hours (mAh) to measure power consumption because this is how batteries are rated to users. This unit is appropriate to use because it measures consumption as specific as possible. Since we are talking about computed usage, readings are not 100% correct. We do not know just how meaningful and accurate these readings are, but they do offer good statistics to base your numbers on.


This Marshmallow preview 3 feature is a bit abstract when it comes to measuring power consumption because, instead of showing a proportion of 100, you get a number that you can compare to the total capacity of your smartphone battery. You can find this feature in the Battery stats section. Let’s hope this function gets developed or at least included in the final Marshmallow version.


Media file source: AndroidPolice

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