Android L new fixes – tethering and protocol fixes to be available in the next public release


Google is trying to release the most stable Android version yet, and L just seems to be that thanks to the early access given to third party developers and enthusiasts who work day and night to find and fix all sorts of bugs. Issues seem to be reported each day and, two weeks after the last big update, 18 more bugs are marked as fixed.

Among the usual fixes we can find protocols related to wireless and networking, visual tweaks and sensor-related problems. The interrupted tethering (Bluetooth, WiFi and USB) issue seems to be fixed along with issues regarding routing traffic through proxy servers. Among the fixed issues are Firefox crashes and WebView app crashes when Bluetooth permissions are set and virtual keyboard issues. You can find the detailed list HERE.

At the current time there are around 1100 reported bugs found on Android L’s dedicated issue tracker. Of those, around 60 have been fixed so far and a bit over 200 are marked closed, done, invalid or “wontfix” for certain reasons.

Source: Developer Preview Issue Tracker


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