Android L dessert casting underway; new ads and mottos released

Google’s newest OS, Android L, is going through casting sessions as we speak! The legit announcement comes from Youtube itself and from Twittah, as Android chief Sundar Pichai recently tweeted out a video where lots of desserts are auditioning to become the next Android star (dessert)!


The mystery of Android’s dessert name remains one of the most “pressing” matters of the hour, and the competition seems to be closer than ever as Lemon Pie, Lava Cake and even Oreo are trying their best in becoming the world’s most popular nickname of the tech world for the following year or so.


In just a few days we are sure to find out the codename of Android L, as its official launch is almost upon us. Apart from releasing this little amusing piece of advertisement, Google launched some new slogans and another Android ad you can see below.

#NexusWarriors are gathering to storm the Internet as soon as the new Android version is official and they will surely spread the word about Nexus 6 and Nexus 9’s feats of strength.

Google’s new slogan is “Be Together, Not the Same.” And it seems that Nexus 6 made an appearance as well! Google is trying to point out that all people are different and have different taste. There are, of course, phones big or small enough for everyone, and the following ad shows this in full.


Source: Youtube

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