Android L is being released this fall but, until then, Google is going to change it just a bit more. The OS will be a bit different-looking than the usual releases as it presents an overall design overhaul, changed multitasking and improved notifications, among other things. The things that pop out are the design changes of course, as the KitKat theme is being changed with Material Design, a new and colorful style based on shapes and sheets of paper and their fluidity.

The dialer presents colorful blocks and playful animations throughout the interface. It is not done yet, as Google is still working on improving and finishing touches, but all that was seen looks pretty good. The primary Android buttons have simple geometric shapes with new icons that work very well. The back button is a triangle whereas the square is a multitasking menu and the circle is the button that pulls up the app menu.

The multitasking menu looks a bit different in resembling a free-floating Rolodex. Users will find pages opened in Chrome in the multitasking menu as well, this passing as a fluidity line between apps and browsers. Basically, the multitasking menu will be more cluttered with icons.

Another big change for Android L is the notification interaction coming from the lock screen itself. Users can now swipe to dismiss notifications or drag them to the screen to interact with them easier. The OS presents interactive popup notifications inside the apps.

Apart from the design differences seen in Android L, users are promised improved battery life, and the general performance of the operating system. Some security improvements and unlocking methods will come soon.

Google is still working on its new OS that will be launched this fall, but the first signs look pretty good.

Source: The Verge