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Amazon temporary free app bundle includes $100 worth of Android apps

Amazon is pushing a new list of free apps for a limited time on its Appstore! Considering the fact that this promotion will not last through the weekend, you should head out to Amazon Appstore a.s.a.p. to get the apps you like but never had the money to buy! This promotion includes 30 apps reduced to free purchase for a limited time, and combined they have a value of $100.

Not all apps are software you must have, but some deserve to be taken into consideration. You can find some fun games and tools you can try out before the promotion is over. Some of the free apps include:

My Alarm Clock

Bills Reminder

WiFi File Explorer Pro

Essential Anatomy 3

MathsApp Graphing Calculator

Sonic &SEGA All-Stars Racing


People from around the world get basically the same free app bundle, with a few exceptions. Considering that temporary free promotions have become a thing over at Amazon Appstore and on iTunes, it is a pity that Google Playstore does not let its users get free apps for a limited time as well. These deals have a limited time, so hurry up and get those apps you wanted on the Amazon Appstore now!

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