Amazon gives away $80 worth of apps! See what you can get for free here!

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Amazon is making another giveaway this weekend, and Friday and Saturday you can choose some interesting apps for free that you would usually get by paying lots of cents. Even if you are not a fan of Amazon Appstore, you gotta love the free stuff!


Today and tomorrow you will be getting 17 apps worth $80 for free! Among them you will find:

  • Xnretro Pro
  • Tiny Scan Pro Pdf Document Scanner
  • Text Grabber + Translator Lite
  • Shuttle+ Music Player
  • Servers Ultimate Pro
  • Printhand Mobile Print Premium
  • Oxford Dictionary Of English With Audio
  • Opendocument Reader
  • Office Calculator Pro
  • Mobimail For Outlook Web Mail
  • Mathsapp Graphing Calculator
  • Handbase Database Manager
  • Flesky Keyboard
  • Easytether
  • Camera Zoom Fx
  • Business Card Reader
  • Androzip Pro File Manager.

If any of them draws your attention, go ahead and give them a look. They’ll be free until Sunday morning.

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