1Password – a new password encrypting app for Android – free until August 1

AgileBits releases a new app that may make things easier for you on a day to day basis. It recently released a 1Password app for Android and what this thing does is keep all of the user’s credentials encrypted safely stored under one master key.

The app is now supported on more platforms such as Windows, Mac and iOS and can be used on Android. It works similarly to Last Pass and tries to not let users use the same password for more sites. It keeps passwords and encrypts them and offers users the possibility of generating encrypted passwords the app will remember so that when they log in a site, users will not have to write their credentials.

1Password is free until August 1st, after which it will require a single in-app purchase to be used as an encryption device. Its free version will remain a reader client for the online vault and users will not be able to edit anything. The iOS version costs around $18 and the Windows version or Mac one cost $49.99.  The app would be an investment after it is no longer free so now is your chance to get it for free. You can find it on Google Playstore for free HERE!

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